bike rentals

Frequently Asked Questions

1. HELMETS - Safety is our number 1 (one) top priority.

2. ABIKERENTALS - has helmets available for the rental period complimentary to all customers. CA law requires that all under the age of 18 years old wear a helmet.

3. DAYS OF OPERATION - 8AM to 6PM Wednesday-Sunday. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

4. HOW DOES ABIKERENTALS WORK - On website just complete rental contract (# of bikes, rental period, sign and submit, make payment) and we'll deliver to your address provided.

5. AREA COVERED - downtown Santa Barbara within approximately 1 mile of Stearns Wharf at the South end of State Street.

6. MULTIPLE DAY RENTALS - Just enter on the contract total number of bike days. e.g. 2 bikes for 2 days = 4 bikes. 3 bikes for 3 days = 9 bikes. And make a note in the comment section that you are renting multiple days.

7. SECURITY - No security deposit is charged, but note that in contract customer is 100% responsible for the bike.


or Call/Text us (805) 258- 3199